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Gente Joven: 1 Libro Del Alumno + CD: Nueva Edicion

cat #: 921193
ISBN 10: 84-15620-75-6
ISBN 13: 978-84-15620-75-4
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Book Summary
The revised and updated edition of the spanish course for adolescents, Gente Joven. Based on a task-based approach, the new edition progresses slowly and takes an active and entertaining approach to Spanish with games, authentic documents, and themes connected to the adolescent world. Gente Joven, nueva edicion incorporates new technology naturally, and offers an approach to different cultural aspects of Spanish speaking countries. The A1.1 level textbook is comprised of 6 projects that are carried out through numerous activities, interactions, and formal study. With realistic and motivating themes, the student learns how to use the spanish language by accomplishing interesting and fun tasks with it. The resolution of every project requires that the student put into play various competencies and new learnings that they picked up in that unit. Other sections of the book include: - At the end of each double page of activities, the student can put into practice what they have just learned with a mini-project that they complete by working collaboratively. - In the Reglas, Palabras y Sonidos section, grammar rules and vocabulary are studied with exercises centred around a single language issue. - In La Revista, students enjoy interesting cultural texts from spanish speaking countries around the world, songs, hobbies, articles and a comic strip with the characters from "La Pena del garaje" - In Grmatica y Comunicacion, students can ease their doubts and confusion around tricky grammatical issues by accessing examples and resources that are necessary for communication. - In Mi Vocabulario, the student can study the words they have learned in each unit, ordered alphabetically.

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