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Looney Bay All-Stars #1: Pirate Power Play

cat #: 903916
ISBN 10: 0-439-94619-0
ISBN 13: 978-0-439-94619-3
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Book Summary
A hilarious swashbuckling hockey adventure! All Reese McSkittles wants to do is find his lost mitten. But as he searches the empty hockey rink, he finds himself waylaid by pirates! They've chosen him to be their next swabby, but Reese is determined to escape. He comes up with a plan-if he can get them to play hockey, maybe he can win his freedom. He teaches the pirates how to play, then challenges them to a game against his school's hockey team: the Looney Bay All-Stars. If the All-Stars win, Reese is free and the pirates must give back all of their stolen booty. If the pirates win, then the All-Stars agree to be their new navvies, never to play hockey again!

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