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Canada: A Nation Unfolding, 2ND

cat #: 86270
ISBN 10: 0-07-552662-X
ISBN 13: 978-0-07-552662-9
Year: 1994
McGraw Hill Education / Acct 41807
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Book Summary
With a focus on Native issues, women's issues, regional issues and multiculturalism, along with effective feature studies which highlight significant or memorable events in Canadian history, this text encourages students to speculate, think critically and formulate opinions. It provides the most engaging coverage of Canada in the 20th century available to teachers.

- Attractive full-colour layout will capture the attention of students.
- Presents the events of the 20th century within a chronological framework in which central themes are highlighted.
- Provides numerous cross-curricular activities that give students the opportunity to apply a wide range of skills-students are encouraged to write creatively, use graphs and statistics, and respond to literature, poetry and art.
- Provides numerous feature studies that focus on key individuals and interesting facets of Canadian history, as well as on primary and secondary documents and selections of Canadian art and literature.
- Provides extensive pedagogical support focusing on developing a variety of higher order thinking skills using both individual and group learning strategies.
- Each unit concludes with a skills focus introducing students to a particular skill relevant to the study of history and to further academic studies-activities reinforcing the skill are included.
- Career explorations have been integrated with the unit skills focus-this will assist students in seeing the relevance of history and the skills learned through the study of history.
A French edition of this text and Teacher's Guide are available.

0075514265 Teacher's Resource

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