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Introduction To Government & Politics: A Conceptual Approach, 8TH

cat #: 287980
ISBN 10: 0-17-650042-1
ISBN 13: 978-0-17-650042-9
Year: 2009
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Book Summary
An Introduction To Government and Politics, Eighth Edition continues to build on its tremendous success by maintaining the hallmark features that have made this text a favourite amongst students and instructors through seven editions. Together with new co-author Brenda O’Neill, Mark Dickerson and Tom Flanagan have developed a comprehensive and accessible text with a historical and “Canadianist”-based approach that appeals to the traditional Introduction to Political Science course. Its many illustrative examples reflect today’s political realities, and are set forth in a meaningful web of inferences and generalizations about the larger domain, ensuring better results than either an abstract discussion of general principles or an encyclopedic recitation of isolated facts.

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