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Approaches To Peace, 2ND

cat #: 280240
ISBN 10: 0-19-538286-2
ISBN 13: 978-0-19-538286-0
Year: 2009
Oxford University Press
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Book Summary
Approaches to Peace provides a unique and interdisciplinary sampling of classic articles and short literary selections focusing on the diverse aspects of peace and conflict studies. Readings cover the causes of war and proposed means of preventing it and reflect upon the universal concern for positive peace. The material examines nonviolence movements, peace movements, relgious inspirations, and our future prospects for peace. The book's balanced and unbiased approach make it easily adaptable to both general discussions of peace and conflict as well as the rapidly changing issues of the moment. Approaches to Peace is able to stand on its own as a foundation text in any introductory peace studies course. It is also compact enough to use as a supplement with other more specialized readings, or used in conjunction with a text. Each selection is prefaced by a short introduction highlighting the author's background, the work's historical context, and the selection's significance in terms of the "big picture." Study questions and a list of suggested readings at the end of each selection also provide a useful resource for students.

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