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Pioneer Girl

cat #: 226350
ISBN 10: 0-88776-550-5
ISBN 13: 978-0-88776-550-6
Year: 2001
Penguin Random House Canada
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Book Summary
In the late 1800s, Canada’s prairies were the destination for thousands of settlers. Among them were the Caswells, who made the long journey from a comfortable home in Ontario. Before fourteen-year-old Maryanne departs from her hometown of Palmerston in 1887, she promises to write to her grandmother about her journey to Clark’s Crossing, near the present day city of Saskatoon.

In these fascinating, true letters, Maryanne writes vividly about the fun of the train ride and the near impossible trek across muddy cart tracks with the family’s laden wagon. As the oldest, Maryanne helps with many of the back-breaking and never-ending chores in the fields and at the homestead. Tales of courage, adventure, loneliness, sorrow, and delight flow from Maryanne’s pen. This is a powerful testament from an astute and sensitive young girl.

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