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Nelson Mathematics 7 (Ontario, Quebec)

cat #: 205670
ISBN 10: 0-17-626912-6
ISBN 13: 978-0-17-626912-8
Year: 2004
Nelson Education Ltd
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Book Summary
Nelson Mathematics 7 is designed to support success and growth for all. Research-based and classroom-tested, Nelson Mathematics 7 is the practical solution to save planning and preparation time.

Key Features:

100% Curriculum Match
Nelson Mathematics 7 provides a 100% match to the new Ontario curriculum, ensuring all students are fully prepared for high school math
• Assessment tools reflect newly revised achievement chart categories for easy reporting

More homework support than any other resource!
• More questions and worked examples than any other resource
• Worked examples modelling key concepts help students homework independently
• Clear language and visuals make concepts easier to understand

Developed to support and implement TIPS (Targeted Implementation and Planning Support)
• Helps students make connections between mathematical concepts
• Encourages a variety of solutions that incorporate different representations, models, and tools
• Incorporates a variety of teaching strategies that allow students to explore and communicate mathematically with ample opportunities to practise skills

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