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Alden Nowlan Selected Poems (Edited BY Lorna Crozier & Patrick Lane)

cat #: 196380
ISBN 10: 0-88784-573-8
ISBN 13: 978-0-88784-573-4
Year: 1996
University of Toronto Press
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Book Summary

Alden Nowlan, one of Canada's finest and most influential poets, died in 1983. He leaves a rich legacy of poetry that is accessible yet profound, and that speaks to people's lives with wry observation and keen insight. For Nowlan fans and new readers alike, award-winning poets, editors, and critics Lorna Crozier and Patrick Lane help to re-view and recontextualize Nowlan's place in twentieth-century Canadian poetry with Alden Nowlan: Selected Poems. Lane and Crozier's choices reflect the recurring themes that illuminate Nowlan's work. This new volume is truly the best of Alden Nowlan's poetry, and above all is a tribute to a poet who deserves to be treasured for all time.

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