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Calculus & Advanced Functions (Includes E-Book)

cat #: 182380
ISBN 10: 0-07-091709-4
ISBN 13: 978-0-07-091709-5
Year: 2002
Nelson Education Ltd
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Book Summary
Calculus and Advanced Functions

The basic concepts of calculus and advanced functions are taught in a wide variety of practical contexts to accommodate students with diverse interests and goals.
Each chapter begins with a modeling math problem illustrating real world examples of where calculus can be applied. These are revisited later in the chapter providing students with opportunities to apply newly acquired skills to these problems. Clearly developed examples and clear expository sections explaining traditionally difficult to learn concepts ensure that students can follow along on their own. Optional technology tools such as the graphing calculator are integrated in such a way that access problems are accommodated.

Built on the very best of McGraw-Hill Ryerson's math texts:
- numerous exercises to maximize student comprehension;
- quality investigations for both concept development and assessment; concepts developed in the context of meaningful real world applications
- Assessment tools are provided in the student text and in the teacher's resource
- All concepts are summarized at the end of each section for easy reference and reviewed with thought provoking communication questions
- Exercise set and chapter test questions are correlated to the Achievement Chart
- Prerequisite Skills and Technology appendices support independent learning and provide quick how-to references for previously learned skills and technology tool key strokes
- Fully integrated technology
Written for both students pursuing mathematics and non-mathematics based post-secondary programs Challenge questions in each chapter designed to provide additional challenge and extension opportunities for stronger math students A performance task (Exploration) ends each chapter Problem solving sections teach additional discrete problem solving skills Comprehensive review of previously learned skills and concepts prepare students for the new concepts in each chapter Comprehensive chapter reviews provide section-by-section review of concepts learned in the chapter Chapter tests provide a sample test-taking experience based on the concepts in that chapter Cumulative reviews

0070907552 Student e-book
0070892776 Teacher's Resource with CD-ROM
0070907560 Solutions Manual CD-ROM
0070913900 Solutions Manual Print
0070907544 Computerized Assessment Bank (Windows and MAC)

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