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Ideologies, 3RD

cat #: 157480
ISBN 10: 0-07-552777-4
ISBN 13: 978-0-07-552777-0
Year: 1997
McGraw Hill Education / Acct 41807
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Book Summary
Ideologies, 3/e encourages students to consider some of the most important political and economic issues of our time. Central to the text are the 17 case studies which provide senior students with the opportunity to analyze and apply their understanding of core political ideologies. Introductory chapters outline the theories behind democratic and non-democratic governments, and the theoretical underpinnings of capitalism, centrally-planned, and mixed economies.

To sustain student interest, and to promote the development of a variety of skills, chapters vary from pro-con scenarios to the chronological-narrative approach, and from examining primary documents to analyzing statistics and photographs. Suggested activities, questions, and assignments throughout the text promote critical-thinking and decision-making skills, and encourage students to identify and analyze their own values. Problem-solving, research, and writing skills are also a primary focus.

Key Features of the NEW Edition:
- Text and case studies have been thoroughly updated to reflect the changing world.
- Increased coverage of key economic theories and issues.
- Core content of the text directly matches Alberta Social Studies 30 curriculum.
- Additional features such as "Viewpoints", "Biographies", as well as margin definitions, margin questions, and revised end-of-chapter questions, have been added to enhance student interest and learning.
- Six new cases and all new chapter 10.

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