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Accounting: The Basis For Business Decisions, 7TH / Financial Accounting

cat #: 116890
ISBN 10: 0-07-552680-8
ISBN 13: 978-0-07-552680-3
Year: 1995
McGraw Hill Education / Acct 41807
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Book Summary
This book introduces the student to the field of accounting and to the use of accounting as a basis for business decisions. All aspects of this textbook and its supporting ancillaries have been carefully evaluated and revised to create a more user-friendly, dynamic textbook, while retaining the foundation that has made it so successful. This new edition gives increased attention to explaining the nature of business activities before discussing the related accounting issues. The focus is on the current and emerging business environment, not that of the past.

Financial Accounting covers all the areas noted above in Accounting: The Basis for Business Decisions with the exception of Managerial Accounting: Planning and Control.
-New problems include a greater number of "Case in Points" that use current and relevant examples. Students will be able to relate accounting concepts to these real world examples.
-Chapter One discusses Sole Proprietorship, Partnerships, and Corporations. The comprehensive problem at the end of chapter two is based on a corporation.
-Managerial accounting is covered in one chapter, Chapter 21 (thus eliminating Vol. 3), which also addresses Activity Based Costing
-The new contemporary design will appeal to students.
-Chapter 19: Measuring Cash Flows is based on recent changes to the CICA handbook.
-New Interview Assignments which provide students with a realistic learning experience.

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